What software do you use?
I use Adobe CS5. I’ll work with you to determine what format your finished files need to be, and make sure that the files I provide will cover all your needs.
How much do you charge?
My basic hourly rate is $60, plus any additional costs (such as fonts, stock photography, etc.) Before we begin I’ll be happy to give you an estimate on your project. Small jobs such as business cards generally run 3-4 hours. Per-project rates are negotiable based on size and complexity.
Do you do web design?
My focus is definitely print, but I do occasionally do simple web pages. And for logo design projects I will provide you with a final package of web-ready images in varying sizes and formats.
Do you do the printing yourself?
I supply print-ready PDFs, so you own your own files. I price out your job with several online printers to get you the best price and quality, and provide step-by-step instructions to let you place your own order with them. For an additional charge, I can also serve as your production coordinator, working directly with outside printers to manufacture your final product.
Can we use Comic Sans?
How do we begin?
I’m happy to provide a free initial consultation, either in person or over phone or email, as is convenient for you. Email me at gilly@RosentholDesign.com to set up a meeting.